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UAE Parliamentary Division concludes participation...
UAE Parliamentary Division concludes participation in Asian Parliamentary Assemb...
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Sara Shuhail: Ewa'a is a safe haven for human traf...
Sara Shuhail: Ewa'a is a safe haven for human trafficking victims
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We rebuild lives


Every human being has the right to live freely and in dignity. It is a natural right offered by Allah to all humans without exception or discrimination. On the basis of this belief, we, at the Ewaa Shelters of Victims of Human Trafficking, try to bring smiles back to victims’ faces and revive their sense of dignity. Rebuilding smiles means rebuilding the victims’ lives before they rejoin society afresh. It also means making them strong again, and able develop themselves and their surrounding environment.

The Ewaa shelters join in local and international efforts to combat human trafficking and protect against it. While it is concentrating on providing relief, care and rehabilitation for victims in a safe and secure environment, it also works at other levels, on the basis of ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ The foremost of these efforts is the hotline and the website where support and relief requests are received. The shelter also implements sustainable awareness plans and programmes for individuals to better understand the gravity of human trafficking and the need to protect against it.

The Ewaa shelters staff works indefatigably; and with each success they achieve, they send a message of hope to all victims and remind the world of the necessity of keeping human dignity alive everywhere.      


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