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November 10, 2018
Dubai police reaffirm their commitment to take proactive measures to combat human trafficking crimes
Dubai/ Major General Abdul Qadoo's Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidli, deputy commander-in-chief for excellence and leadership in the Dubai Police Department, emphasized the readiness of the police in Dubai to combat human rights abuses, abuse the rights of women and children, and take proactive measures to curb practices that are not relevant to our society. In a speech delivered by Dubai police at Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club, he discussed the crimes of trafficking and abuses of women's and children's rights.

Major General Al-Obaidli said the meeting was aimed at a series of goals aimed at coordination and constructive cooperation. And improve joint operations and duplication in joint action, and share new ideas that help improve joint action in the United Arab Emirates legal system to combat these crimes and practices and those who are exposed to them see, to provide adequate support.

He stated that trafficking in human and child related crime is at the forefront of the proportion of victims of human dignity. According to United Nations estimates, 51% of the victims are women and 71% are children.
He points out that forced labor is third in illicit international trade after arms and drug trafficking and generates $ 150 billion in illegal profits and $ 99 billion annually. Of commercial sexual exploitation, another $ 51 billion resulted from economic exploitation of people in housework, agriculture and other economic activities.
Colonel Saleh Al-Hamrani examined the topics and topics of the meeting, which included four main axes: Women's Rights and Extermination. "He pointed out that the dialogue sessions aim to unify efforts and prevent duplication of work between relevant committees and committees and find a way to work with those affected and those involved in the fight against trafficking in human beings and related parties, as well as various sectors and sectors of society and their institutions, to achieve the goals of the national agenda The United Arab Emirates 2021
At the center of the fight against human trafficking, they discuss ways to strengthen coordination and constructive cooperation between Dubai Police partners in operations and the crimes of Dubai au show trafficking in human beings, treatment of victims of trafficking, analysis of financial crime, money laundering and international cooperation in support of the fight against trafficking in human beings and the training and qualification of trafficking in human beings.
The section "Women and Children's Rights" defines the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and ways to support women and child victims. And educating children's and women's rights in collaboration with all those involved, while at the same time discussing the axis of the feeling of security while traveling alone outside the home mechanism at night to develop and develop improvements that will benefit all partners Added value.


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