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Misconceptions about human trafficking
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1- Human trafficking victims do not seek assistance, and do not try to escape
But, in fact:
Because of the complete control levied over them and the fact that they are subjected to continuous threats, victims lose their self-confidence and become slaves in the full sense of the word, deprived of all rights, including the freedom of thought. So, sometimes it is difficult to help the victims who are crippled by fear.

2- Human trafficking means using bodily violence against victims to force them to work and obey
But, in fact:
The legal definition of human trafficking includes use of all forms of coercion, including applying moral pressure and psychological violence or threats. Sometimes, the victim may not be subject to physical torment, but is hostage to psychological terror, bringing them under the control of their oppressors.

3- Human trafficking victims are foreigners or immigrants
But, in fact:
Worldwide reports indicate that victims are not always immigrants, or the people living outside their home countries. A large percentage of human trafficking crimes falls within the limits of the host nation.

4- Victims belong to a poverty-stricken environment and most come from small villages and towns?
But, in fact:
Although the poverty is firmly connected to human trafficking crimes because the poor are more apt to fall into human traffickers’ traps, statistics indicate that a large number of victims belong to medium and upper social classes.

5- Human trafficking victims are sexually exploited
But, in fact:
Victims are abused in various forms, including sexual exploitation and forced labour and are from both sexes, and various age groups.

6- Human trafficking crimes are committed in illegal places and in secrecy
But, in fact:
Victims are exploited in many markets and industries that work legally, such as factories, stores, farms, houses … etc.

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