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The shelters main duties and services are:

Relief: Co-operating with relevant authorities to receive victims of human trafficking, and providing them with temporary refuge and care prior to them returning to their homeland. Relief is provided in an atmosphere of cordiality and covers health, psychology and legal requirements. For more information on how victims reach the shelters, please view ‘How to join the shelters’

Care: Providing victims with necessary health, psychological and legal care through a team of medical specialists, psychology experts, and legal advisors to help them overcome their ordeal and return to good psychological health. Victims’ psychological states are mostly extremely sensitive, and require specialised care.

Rehabilitation: With continued psychological support, victims, are able to take up educational, occupational and recreational courses which help them overcome their experiences and return to normal prior to leaving for their homeland. The shelters’ experts provides a range of recreational, educational and training opportunities to make the best use of leisure time.

Follow-up: After safeguarding victims’ health and safety and undergoing rehabilitation and training, the shelters co-ordinate with the concerned authorities in a victim’s relevant country, and begin legal procedures for repatriation while ensuring follow-up rehabilitation will be made available to the victim to avoid a relapse into the human traffickers’ traps.

Protection: One of the shelters most important duties is to enhance victims’ awareness of how to avoid the traps of human traffickers.
Moreover, the shelters spread awareness inside UAE society and other countries with high levels of human trafficking crimes. This is done through local and international initiatives.
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