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Sheikha Fatima's Message
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A nation’s greatness is not only measured by its economic and material achievements, but also by its social and humanitarian achievements in ensuring human dignity and legitimate rights. These are the foundations of development and prosperity that were established by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, may God have mercy on him. His humanitarian endeavours became known in various parts of the world, and he realised the true meaning of humanity in all its forms  actions which have become the pride of his people and an example for his sons to follow.

Everyone in our dear country should accept responsibility for rejecting and fighting these heinous crimes, which are a stain on the face of humanity that God has honoured in all divine religions. All of us, citizens and government, have to confront these flagrant attacks on human rights.
Human trafficking is a crime punishable by law and it violates all international norms and charters. We must spare no effort to fight this crime for the good of the human dignity. The United Arab Emirates will always live up to its humanitarian mission by providing all wide-ranging care and protection to this vulnerable group. It will also work hard and devote its energy to ensuring the security and stability fo victims allowing them to recover their dignity and regain their usurped rights.
Fatima bint Mubarak
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