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Fake Promises
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I spent two months in Abu Dhabi’s Ewaa shelter undergoing psychological rehabilitation and getting legal assistance.

I am an Asian girl, from a very poor family for which I was the sole provider as my father is an old man. I worked as a fabric and garment sales girl. Since my income was very low, I wanted to work abroad to better it. I then met a women who told me about work opportunities in the Emirates, and the opulent lifestyle of the country. She said that I could travel there and work in the same specialty, or as a servant for her sister who lives in Abu Dhabi, until I got another job. She prepared all the necessary documents for me to travel. I was very happy, I thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

When I arrived at Dubai Airport, I found the woman’s sister waiting for me. She took me to her apartment, where there was a man but they did not explain his relationship to them. The sister told me that I would work as a servant for her for a monthly salary. I actually started work, but I noticed that many girls were coming to that home, wearing the type of clothes, and talking in such a way, that I began to have doubts. Once, when the sister was not there, I asked one of the girls what was she doing? She replied by asking me the same question, and I told her I work as a servant. She laughed and said: “That’s what they told us at the beginning: we would work as servants, but they used us to work in prostitution!”

The girl’s answer shocked me and I was very afraid. She told me to escape and go to the nearest police station if I wanted to save myself. When I got a chance, and had my passport with me, I escaped, asking the taxi driver to drop me at any police station. There, I reported what happened to me, and all I had heard. The police took from me all the information the needed to reach the network. Then, I was moved to the Ewa'a Shelter for victims of human trafficking, because I was in a bad psychological state, I was still afraid that the woman would come for me and take her revenge. But all people at the shelter made me feel easier.
Today I have nothing to say but thanks for the shelter's staff who provides unlimited support to every victim.
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