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Types of Human Trafficking
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A report by the UN’s  Narcotics Monitoring & Crime Combat Office, compiled from data received from 155 countries, cites sexual exploitation and coercive labour as the most common and widespread human trafficking crimes. 
Sexual exploitation is the worst of human trafficking crimes with women and children the prime victims. Children are exploited in various industries and forced into beggary activities or posing for sexual movies while women are exploited in prostitution networks and other relevant crimes.
 In the UAE, the annual reports of the National Committee for Combatting Human Trafficking state the country is registering many cases of the human trafficking, including forced labour, child trafficking and sexual exploitation.
 These breaches of human rights can be found in various areas of society including:
  •  Organised prostitution networks.
  • In streets, with local networks operated by a worldwide agencies.
  • Under a cover of shops, beauty salons and clubs.
  • Some sexual movie production networks.
  • In the agricultural sector where victims are forced to work on farms and in orchards. 
  • In the industrial sector where women and children are put to work in factories.
  • Shops: Such as barbershops, restaurants … etc.
  • Houses: Forced and illegal work in homes.
  • The smuggling of the girls for forced marriages.
  • The use of children in armed disputes.
  • To carryout crimes of theft, fraud and beggary.
  • Networks of child sexual exploitation.
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