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Who are the Human Traffickers?
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Under International Law, human traffickers are criminals whom are liable to the most severe penalties, because they commit crimes relating to human rights. They usually work in organised networks, ‘hunting’ victims and moving them around regularly on local or international levels. However, there are many criminals who work individually and independently. They are usually factory, farm or shop owners and leaders of varying types of criminal networks accompanied by assistants of various levels. Recent American Government statistics show human traffickers earn together around US $ 9.5 billion dollars a year.

Human traffickers are not always strangers!
 In most countries in which human trafficking is a registered crime, reports and investigations confirm that the criminal may be close to the victim, even a family member, neighbor or friend. 
 Human traffickers commit their crimes by manipulating victims with false promises before controlling their freedom, and trading in them in various professions, selling them to farms, factories, into beggary and prostitution, putting them into inhuman living circumstances. Some traffickers work in marriage networks that hunt among poor families, who present their girls without knowing the destiny waiting them.
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